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Korkmaz Gastro Frypan 26cm

Korkmaz Gastro Frypan 26cm
Korkmaz Gastro Frypan 26cm
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Korkmaz
  • Model: A-2853
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Dimensions: 53.00cm x 36.00cm x 23.00cm
  • EAN: 8691607028539

Product Features:

  • Made of recyclable, completely natural material.
  • Environmentally friendly technology.
  • Cook with very little oil.
  • Granite-like PTFE inner coating.
  • Excellent adhesion on interior surfaces.
  • Extra resistance to scratching and resistance.
  • Environment-friendly production technology.
  • Easy to clean.

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