Mop Broom Garden Tools Holder


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Mop Broom Holder And Organizer

Keep your mop and broom sorted with the Mop Broom Holder. This holder is created from fine-quality ABS for durable use. It is wall mountable and makes installation easy, and saves storage space. This organizer flaunts a powder-coated finish and a sleek design. The holder is sturdy and waterproof and maintains its quality even when exposed to moisture. It has a nonslip grip that provides you with better handling. This holder sorts your mops and brooms and keeps them organized.

High-quality Material

This mop holder is made of rich-quality ABS for high durability. It is wall mountable, takes minimal storage space, and provides simple installation. The holder features a powder-coated finish as well as an elegant design.

Nonslip and Waterproof

This organizer is made robust, waterproof, and preserves quality even when exposed to dampness. It comes with a nonslip grip and provides better handling. The holder keeps your mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies organized.

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